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Scenarios and Theaters of the Historic Center

The historic center of Cali is a reminiscent site, it offers visitors a wealth of architecture

Scenarios and Theaters of the Historic Center

The historic center of Cali is a reminiscent site, it offers visitors a wealth of its architecture, which dates back mostly to the Republican style, which is shown in theaters that are emblematic of the city. We review the three main scenarios of the Cali culture.

Enrique Buenaventura Municipal Theater
Since the notes of "The Troubadour" by Giusseppe Verdi by the opera company Bracale opened in 1927 the Enrique Buenaventura Municipal Theater, it became part of the most appreciated identity of the city.

The Theater has a classic-style main hall, with a capacity of 1,039 spectators divided into its 5 different locations. Its stage is 7.30 m wide, a bottom of 11.20 m and a height of 5 m and also has a moat, a sub-stage, flat

inclined and draw, forum, chimney of counterweights and section. In addition to the Main Hall, the theater has a Teatrino with a capacity of 220 people.

The beautiful frescoes of his ceiling that represent elements of the region and his colonial past were made by the painter Mauricio Ramelli Andreani, The decoration of the foyer was commissioned in 1937 to the painter Efraim Martínez, who was inspired by Maria the work of Jorge Isaacs and the Triple Manifestation of the Sun

Jorge Isaacs Theater
Declared a national monument in 1984, the Jorge Isaacs Theater is a beautiful cultural space, built in 1931 under a clear influence of the French neoclassical. It consists of a stalls and three horseshoe-shaped boxes, with a capacity of 1,189 attendees and a very large stage with high section, for large assemblies. Its facade is a faithful representative of the art deco style, in which capitals, garlands, the Cali shield and the effigy of Jorge Isaacs stand out, a renowned Vallecaucano writer.

It is located in the historic center of the city, in the middle of the wonderful space that is Cali's favorite postcard, in front of the Ortiz Bridge and the Los Poetas Park, and adjacent to the La Ermita Church.

Cultural Center of Santiago de Cali (Antigua FES)
Located in the Historic Center of the city, it is one of the most beautiful urban constructions, with the freshness of clean brick in sight, a hallmark of its architect Rogelio Salmona, National Architecture Award 1990.

It has an area of ​​14,000 square meters, of which 10,000 are of public space. Its main Auditorium has capacity for 400 people, while the Wood Hall offers capacity for 220 spectators, being equipped with complete equipment.

The open spaces of the Cultural Center of Santiago de Cali allow 150 people to attend in the Main Square and 100 in the Samán Square.

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